A friend recently emailed me that his wife, who was a professional typesetter by trade, thought that my use of italics for the first letter of paragraphs after some headings, was not good design.  I was already doubling the size of the letter and changing its colour.  It was a bit of overkill and I … Read more

A new era, perhaps

I have no idea how my website or this part of it (powered by WordPress) will go in the future.  All I can say is that in the past 24 hours I’ve committed to the WordPress concept by ordering two books about it from Amazon.  They are the same two books I wanted to buy … Read more

I’m still in shock

I’m struggling to accept that Melbourne, a city of about 4 million people, no longer has a technical book store.  I used to enjoy browsing at McGills when I went into the city, and I’ve bought many a book from there.  I don’t know why the store closed.  Perhaps it’s because of the current economic … Read more

Shock! McGills technical bookshop closed

My plan for today was to get up early (for a retired septuagenarian), then drive into the city to get the two WordPress books I wanted from McGills in the CBD. I didn’t get going quite as early as I hoped, so by the time I got to the city, or to be more accurate, … Read more

My first blog in WordPress

This is where you will see my first post, once I learn to use the program. I’ve had a look inside several WordPress books on Amazon and have decided there are two I would like to get.  Tonight I looked up McGills website (they are the biggest technical book store in Melbourne) and I was … Read more