Mount Gambier

This gallery is in development when time permits.  All photos are Epson Perfection V800 scans of 35mm slides taken in the early 1960s with a budget priced Asahi Pentax SLR.  The Town Hall photo is from a colour slide with the scan converted to B&W.  The photo of actor Tom Georgeson (in his youth) looking at the Valley Lake was taken during an earlier Christmas trip than the other photos.

Click on a photo to open the lightbox and click on the fullscreen icon at the top of an image.  Navigate with arrows or keyboard.


2 thoughts on “Mount Gambier”

  1. Well that tricked me John,

    I thought the arrow heads at the bottom of Mount Gambier gallery were going to move me back and forward thru your gallery pages … not spin the pics the other way ’round!

    Lesson learned, Ralph

    • Hi Ralph,

      It took me a while to work out what you were getting at and why. As you realize now, the arrows that were at the bottom of the Mount Gambier gallery page moved the pictures in that gallery back and forth. I suppose you thought they might move from gallery page to gallery page because the arrows were so far away from the thumbnails. I can see your point. So I’ve changed the galley page format for the time being while there are less than a dozen or so images. As you know, you can click on any thumbnail to open it in the lightbox and begin the slideshow.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention.



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