My 2014 Lexus ES300h – Part 2

My Lexus ES300h is now some 16 months old, and I’ve been thinking for quite some time that I ought to post an update including some photos I have taken of the car since then.  All I need say is that I’ve been very happy with the car.  The photos are in a gallery below … Read more

My 2014 Lexus ES300h

It’s four years to the day that I took delivery of my new Lexus IS250 from Lexus of Brighton, and made a post about on the same day. So I thought today would be a good time to make a post about the visit I made to Lexus of Brighton on Friday 9 May 2014. … Read more

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – 2nd June 1953 – The lead-up

In response to the comment made by Elizabeth Davies in Comments section below on 24 February 2019, I now include a painting of King George VI and his consort Queen Elizabeth commemorating his Coronation in 1937. The above photo shows the red robes for the opening of Parliament. King George VI came to the throne … Read more

Humber Super Snipe

It’s not uncommon for me to make small edits and adjustments to my blog posts after I’ve published them.  In most cases I do it after I’ve read my post next day, when I can see small typos, or perhaps see clearer or more accurate ways to express myself in one or several sentences.   However, in this … Read more

New Lexus IS250 follow-up

My new Lexus IS250 is now 7 weeks old and it’s not yet up to 200 kms. But it’s already had an experience that I haven’t had for over 20 years. Yesterday I called Lexus Roadside Service (read RACV) to check out a flapping noise, which seemed to come from the rear passenger side wheel. … Read more

My 2010 Lexus Prestige EMV

As I drove my four year old 2006 Lexus IS250 Sports Luxury into the Lexus of Brighton delivery area this afternoon, the odometer reached 6300 kms exactly. My new car was awaiting me in the showroom. That’s me with Bernard (accent on the second syllable, please, as he’s originally from France) in front of the … Read more