The Queen – on my Mum’s 116th birthday

On 9th September 2015 my Mother would have turned 116 had she lived to this time. But also on this day Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest reigning sovereign of the United Kingdom, by surpassing the length of reign of Queen Victoria.  The exact moment of the day this will happen is not … Read more

My Coronation posts

Last year when the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was celebrated, I noticed that some people thought it was the anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation, so I decided then that, all well, I’d make a post this year about the Coronation on its 60th anniversary. I didn’t begin work on it until 1st June 2013, the eve … Read more

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – 2nd June 1953 – Looking back

Many years later the following documentary was recorded about the Coronation with commentary, interviews and footage that provide background to the ceremony, the planning, and people involved in various aspects of it.   I find it very interesting and at times quite entertaining. Last year, Prince Charles made the following documentary in tribute to his … Read more

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – 2nd June 1953 – The Day

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place 60 years ago today.  I had looked forward to it for about a year after reading about the history and traditions, in The Illustrated London News special issues and weekly editions, in Mum’s copies of The Australian Women’s Weekly (and it was weekly in those days) and in … Read more

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – 2nd June 1953 – The lead-up

In response to the comment made by Elizabeth Davies in Comments section below on 24 February 2019, I now include a painting of King George VI and his consort Queen Elizabeth commemorating his Coronation in 1937. The above photo shows the red robes for the opening of Parliament. King George VI came to the throne … Read more