Learning Italian 5

The Italian word for milk is latte. Many of you already know that from ordering you coffee from Italian restaurants and coffee shops. I prefer my coffee black, but I do like milk with my breakfast cereal.  And  I like it in scrambled eggs, and mashed potatoes. On doctor’s orders, to help lower my cholesterol, … Read more

Christmas at Chadstone

Yesterday in Melbourne the maximum temperature exceeded 39C in a day of extreme fire danger in country areas, and it was hot overnight.  But today the temperature only reached 23C, and it was heavily overcast and raining when I drove to Chadstone shopping centre to battle the Christmas shopping crowds (shown above) to get a copy of … Read more

Guess who?

Here’s my star of this week, and possibly of the year. Do you know who it is?   Her CD was released this week. 10 December update It is, of course, Susan Boyle, and the photo is from her CD, which has got a lot of publicity this week, what with the advertising on TV and the Today … Read more

The Brownlow Medal

The Brownlow Medal awards were held last night, and the winner by a large margin was the favourite, Gary Ablett Jr.  His win got good coverage on the TV news tonight, but more coverage was given on TV to one of the partners and her dress.  The dress and its wearer even got a segment … Read more

A Quiet Saturday

Today was a very quiet day for me.  I stayed at home and did my usual Saturday weekend wash and computer housekeeping chores.  But the day didn’t go quite as planned when I got up.  When I checked my emails, I found the second one from Cakewalk this week announcing the release of Sonar 8.5 … Read more

Dream Time

The audio test was a success with Reno, so here are two more songs for him. The first is a tribute to Susan Boyle. It’s a studio recording of her singing the song that made her famous –I Dreamed a Dream. The Scottish sensation of “Britain’s Got Talent” will make her U.S. TV debut on … Read more