Kurt Weill

In the days when hifi stereo long playing vinyl records were the ultimate when matched with a good cartridge, tone arm, turntable, amplifier and speakers, and parallel tone arms were arguably better, the Bette Midler album simply titled Bette Midler came out in 1973 and I bought a copy from John Stagg at the Regent … Read more

Berlioz – Grande Symphonie Funebre et Triomphale

I first heard of and listened to Grande Symphonie Funebre et Triumphale by Hector Berlioz when the LP shown below was sent to me in 1969 as a member of the World Record Club.  I was enthralled by the work on my first hearing, and nearly 50 years later it still excites and moves me when I … Read more

JPS Harmonic Synthesizer

My interest in keyboard synthesizers and computer music began in 1990 when I bought a Korg M1 and already had an Commodore Amiga computer at home. That was my first experience with what is now called a DAW – Digital Audio Workstation. On the Amiga I used several of Dr T’s music programs including KCS … Read more

Anna Russell

Following on from my post about Florence Foster Jenkins, I am now writing about Anna Russell.  Anna was from a later period that Florence Foster Jenkins, but unlike Florence, Anna deliberately set out to be funny – and a lot of her humour came from making fun of absurd.  When I was young, living in Mount Gambier, … Read more

Florence Foster Jenkins

For some time I have been thinking of making a post about Florence Foster Jenkins.  She was an aspiring US opera singer born in 1886 who gave a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York in 1944 and it was sold out within two hours.  People were scrambling to get seats and some were offering to … Read more

Karajan 1970s

Over the past couple of years I’ve become a fan of large box sets of classical music. It began with The Decca Sound, and I published a post about it on 30 December 2011. Since then I’ve bought many other box sets and have published posts about several of them. One of the sets I … Read more