My Cars gallery – WWII Lancaster bomber video

This post was originally published on 10 April 2013.  On 20 October 2015 I added a new section at the beginning of the post and increased the size of all the photos and videos.  The original post starts with the sentence beginning with a drop cap, Before I start the main part of this post, I’ll … Read more

JTHonlinePics is now launched

At long last, after more than two years, I’m happy enough with what I’ve done on this site – albeit in its very early stages, to open it up to search engines and the public. That’s what I wrote in April 2013 on my jthonlinepics site which I have now closed.

Christmas Day at the Wilsons 2011

It’s been about two years coming, but here at last I’m making a real post on this website. It’s is a video slideshow I prepared this weekend from photos I took last Christmas with my Fujifilm X100.  The following is a photo of me holding the X100 and taking a photo with flash in the … Read more