Summer is here – but not in the UK

Summer has arrived in Melbourne (not that you’d know it with the drenching rain we had for a large part of the afternoon).   But even in the heart of winter we’d never see the sort seaside scene shown above, with snow to the edge of the water.  We mostly only get snow in the … Read more

Times are a changing

Things are changing in my life. For example, here’s a photo of what I had for lunch today. It’s a salad with ham, salad leaves, tomato, cucumber and a peppery carrot salad (from the recipe in Suzanne Gibbs in The Pressure Cooker Recipe Book).  However, in this case the carrots were cooked on the Breville … Read more

Another self portrait

I‘ve worked out to use the iPhone DSLR Camera Remote to focus.  It’s focussed very well in the above photo.  The frames of my glasses are very sharp.  I’m not showing the original of this photo for the same reason that TV programs don’t show the actors, hosts or reality show contestants without make-up.  I’m … Read more

Self Portrait taken today

When I got up this morning, all that I had in my plans for today was my routine weekend washing plus two separate washes.  One for a white shirt that I wore to a formal dress lunch on Thursday (I’ve learned from long and sad experience to wash white shirts separately).  The other separate wash … Read more