A post for Ralph

This photo is on the General Gallery page but it cannot be shown in full width which my friend Ralph liked when I was able to do when I was using a complex theme and plugins. Today I installed a new update to WordPress which allows me to have a full width post layout for … Read more

Computer Keyboards – 3

It’s now two weeks since I bought the Corsair Gaming K95 RGB mechanical keyboard and I’m very happy with it.  It’s a keeper.  However, I must add that two weeks is not long in the expected useful life of a keyboard, and only the passing of time will tell whether the K95 proves to be reliable. … Read more

Computer Keyboards – 2

If you, like I used to, think that computer keyboards are not very interesting or exciting, take at look at the following video before you read any further.  Be sure to watch it full screen (pressing f on your keyboard should do it) and turn your stereo speakers up to a comfortable level: And if you, … Read more

Computer Keyboards – 1

In the past, I’ve always used the keyboard that came with my computer.  The only exception was years ago when I bought a special keyboard that had a small piano keyboard (which could be covered to form a hand-rest) that connected to the computer and could play musical notes and chords.  It was handy for … Read more

My 2014 Lexus ES300h – Part 2

My Lexus ES300h is now some 16 months old, and I’ve been thinking for quite some time that I ought to post an update including some photos I have taken of the car since then.  All I need say is that I’ve been very happy with the car.  The photos are in a gallery below … Read more

My 2014 Lexus ES300h

It’s four years to the day that I took delivery of my new Lexus IS250 from Lexus of Brighton, and made a post about on the same day. So I thought today would be a good time to make a post about the visit I made to Lexus of Brighton on Friday 9 May 2014. … Read more