Fleet Foxes again

I thought this might be a nice break fro the solemnity of Prince Philip’s funeral today.

It is my second post featuring Fleet Foxes.

Obviously this was recorded during COVID-19 times, and some members of the group were performing from home.  These performance are shown in black and white.

2 thoughts on “Fleet Foxes again”

  1. HI John,

    Hope you are well … just a brief note to say (I think) you need to delete the space after the first [embedyt], so the imbedded hyperlink is ‘activated’.

    I look forward to playing it with copy+paste in the meantime.

    Hopefully, you can arrange for this technical comment to self-destruct as soon as you’ve read it!?

    Cheers, Ralph

    • Hi Ralph.

      Thank you for your comments. When I was making the post and tried to add the usual HTML code to embed a YouTube video. I found that WordPress no longer has a tab in the post editor where HTML can be added. After trying all sorts of things I searched for a free plugin that would allow me to do it. I found several and decided to try 3 of them. I think that’s where I went wrong.

      Anyway two plugins have been removed from the plugin list, and the third seems to have become part of the new WordPress system.



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