JTHonlinePics is up and away, at last


Way back on 29 December 2010 I created jthonlinepics.com as a site for galleries of photos I’ve taken, and a blog about photographic matters and my galleries. I created some holding pages for blog and gallery, with no serious content, and I set WordPress to discourage search engines because I didn’t want the site to go public until I had developed it and was happy with it.   Nothing much happened in the following  two years.  But on Easter Monday, 1 April 2013, I bought a new RichWP theme, plus a gallery and slider plugins, and started serious work on the gallery site. Yesterday, I opened the site to search engines and the public.

The site  has a few starting galleries and blogs, and the home page has a slider with photos and videos.

2 thoughts on “JTHonlinePics is up and away, at last”

  1. Congratulations John,

    Have enjoyed seeing the progress in this site and the stunning views of Melbourne city and surrounds bring back many fond memories, especially extravagant lunches at The Windsor on Wang’s a/c.

    Look forward to making my way thru the videos next.

    Cheers, Ralph


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