Trooping the Colour 2012

If you visit this site from time to time you might have wondered why I have not made a post about the Queen’s Jubilee over the big celebration 4 day holiday weekend in the UK.  Well, it’s Jubilee year, and the Queen ended the official celebrations early to avoid conflict with the 2012 Olympics to be held in London.  But for me, there is plenty of time yet for me to make my Jubilee posts.  I’ll start with the Trooping of Colour held last Saturday in London to celebrate the Queen’s 86th birthday in 2012.

Here is a privately filmed video that shows some of the excitement of the day among the crowd outside Buckingham Palace on Saturday 16 June 2012.  The photographer stayed put in the general area.  What intrigues me is that the Queen took a salute in front of the Palace before proceeding to the Trooping of the Colour at Horse Guards Parade off Whitehall at the other end of the Mall.  The video stands up well to HD and full screen.  Thanks to Jeff Smith of London for the video on You Tube.

Here’s another very good private video from the front of Palace, which also looks well in HD and full screen.

Now, if you would like to see the main ceremony of the Trooping of the Colour for 2012, then all I can find is the following superb video.  Unfortunately for many of us, we won’t understand the German narration.  But the spectacle and music is universal.

Yes, the video is 52 minutes long.  But if you change the quality to HD and make it full screen, you are in for a treat.  And with some computers you can connect it to your TV.   Or click on the YouTube logo to change to their website.

[Note: On 22 February 2013 I found the full event plus more, in 3 parts on You Tube.  I have added them to the very bottom of this post.]

One of the reasons the Trooping of the Colour appeals to me so much is the band music.  In my teens, years before television, I bought an LP of the Trooping of the Colour.  In those days the music was mono.  But I loved listening to it over and over again.  And I bought many other band music records, including highland music with those awe-inspiring bagpipe bands.

In the above video the music has a stereophonic atmosphere.

20th June, 2012

Here’s a video of the ceremony held in 1986 when we were all much younger (and some readers might not have been born).  It must have been truly wonderful in those days to see the Queen in military uniform ride down the Mall from the Palace on a horse to attend the ceremony.   She wore a full length dark skirt and rode sidesaddle.  The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret went by open horse carriage.

In view of Ralph’s appreciative comments below, I’ve decided to add some still photos from The Telegraph ( which I think is a wonderful source of interesting photographs and news.  The second photo, a close-up of the carriage, is from The Times (to which I subscribe).  I check both these papers every day, and I’ll look forward to their coverage of the Olympics.

One of my frustrations with the magazine layout of my WordPress blog site is that I keep the post size to this fixed width to make it easier to read.  But it does make the pictures smaller (although faster to load).   So here is another photo for the flypast salute at its full size as seen on The Telegraph website.


Update 22 February 2013

Tonight I found the full filming of the Trooping the Colour ceremony in 2012, the Queens’ Diamond Jubilee Year.  It’s in 3 parts and they have more content than the ceremony itself.  Part 3 is the most spectacular as it has has scenes of the Jubilee Rock Concert, River Pageant, previous Trooping of the Colour ceremonies, the flyover and what impressed me most of all when I saw the event in 1993, the Gun Salute in Green Park near the Palace.

4 thoughts on “Trooping the Colour 2012”

  1. Jolly smashing John,

    I was starting to wonder if you were finally off on your world cruise with the absence of any Queen’s Diamond Jubilee postings …

    Have thoroughly enjoyed first two videos and part way thru last one. I agree, there is nothing more stirring to the spirit than a good bright marching band tune. Think of what primary school kids of today (and past coupla decades?) have missed out once morning marching around the schoolyard was abandoned.

    Even with the German commentator, I gained a better insight into the Trooping (and changing of the Guards?) of the Colours process that I have ever managed to achieve before now.

    Looking forward to your next colourful multimedia contribution(s).

    Best wishes, Ralph

    • Thanks for your comments, Ralph. They are always warmly received with great pleasure as it makes me feel that I’m not wasting my time if someone enjoys my posts. And of course it’s good to know you are still around.

      If you wish to read a brief explanation of the ceremony of Trooping The Colour you might find the following sites very helpful. The reason for it is quite simple. It would be a like parading the Adelaide Crows jumper in front of its players so they’ll recognise their team colours and be able to spot their own team mates on the footy oval at a distance.


      You mentioned the Changing of the Guard with a question mark. This is held at Buckingham Palace, whereas Trooping the Colour is held at the other end of the Mall at the Horse Guards Parade. I saw the rehearsal and the actual event (two weeks later) in 1963 (the 40th anniversary of the Coronation). There is an explanation of the Changing of the Guard with videos at:

      I hope you like the new additions to my post.

      Best wishes,

  2. Welcome back to the online world John,

    As it turns out, my PC decided to take me off the air for over a week … have only just got on the air myself.

    So am looking forward to checking out the extras you have posted above.

    Cheers, Ralph


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