audio player test

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The arrow is a play button.  Once you press this, music starts playing and a display opens with a pause button, a scrubber button on the timeline, and scrolling details of the music playing.

4 thoughts on “audio player test”

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for the great new entertainment feature … I listened to it over-and-over last night to relax me as I was slaving over a work task @ home that was six months overdue!

    Love the new JTH self portrait but what are those things on the shelf behind you in JTH-IMG_0224.jpg … some new groovy video storage system for blu-ray DVD’s perhaps?

    Cheers, Reno

    • Hi Reno,

      It’s good to hear from you again. You used a different email address than you have in the past, so your comment was not accepted until I approved it. There’s no problem with that unless you’d like to see your comment on the page as soon as you submit it. If you comment again with that address (or your other address) it will be accepted immediately without going into the “moderator’s queue.” It’s to avoid spam being published.

      I’m pleased you enjoyed the music. I hope it helped you finish your overdue task. The music is a different version of the solo piano music I sometimes put on my home page.

      The things on the shelf behind me in the self portrait on my iPhone Apps page are not some groovy new storage system for blu-ray DVD’s. They’re VHS tapes, going back perhaps up to 20 years.

      Your question has given me cause for thought. I have always treasured my VHS collection, put together in my work years with the thought that I’ll really be able to enjoy the tapes in my retirement. When I was working, I always imagined that in my retirement I’d be struggling to fill in the day, the VHS tapes, CDs and books I’d collected would be a blessing to help me pass the day pleasantly. Oh dear, I got that wrong.

      I’ve now been retired for less than two months away from 7 years, and not once have I looked at any of my VHS tapes. So I’m now thinking that maybe I should start carefully tossing out VHS tapes to make room for DVDs, and only keep the DVDs I would like to watch again.

      • Don’t do it John!

        We often hold treasured memories in such personal items – these days labelled as “stuff”, as in “we have too much stuff.

        We have collected this suff over the years and, for my mind, they may be in themselves no longer useful BUT specific memories are buried in or associated with them.

        I have a highly prized and treasured Reverse Dictionary holding pride of place on my bookshelf that I have almost never used BUT it is a constant present reminder of past very happy times – it warms the heart better than a day in the sun. I also have a Thesaurus that I use many times a week that is VERY functional but also contains a VERY special personalised inscription.

        So if you have the space in you abode, please consider the decorative and associated memories value of your “stuff” … such as… My, isn’t my life in retirtement MUCH better than I had once imagined?

        And don’t underestimate the certain comfort that a horder or ‘magpie’ can derive from the accasional glance at an itme with the thought of “One day, I am gunna really enjoy sitting down with nothing better to do than watch that movie / concert / documentary.”

        I have maybe almost a hundred VCR tapes that have never been re-watched, but I can afford one shelf in a cupboard to save them for a rainy day or a week’s recuperation after a hospital procedure or a few days off with the flu.

        So toss a few of ’em … but keep a few too!

        One of our drivers sat in the office to sketch my portrait tonight, so I showed him my much younger Internet ‘published’ photo with a coupla less chins … he chose the live model.

        Cheers, Ralph

        • Hi Reno,

          It’s great to hear from you again. You must have been very tired in the early hours of this morning when you posted your comment, as you signed off with another name. I love it.

          You are, of course, quite right. From where I sit at the computer I can look across to the right and see a small bookshelf stand with two rows. The bottom row has a book that Miss Webster, my piano teacher, gave me 57 years ago in 1952 as a prize for the highest marks in Grade III Musical Perception. There’s also a 10 volume set of Arthur Mee’s The Children’s Encyclopedia. Then there are other books that go back to wonderful memories in my teens. I haven’t looked at these books for over 50 years, but they have survived my move from Mt Gambier to Adelaide in 1959, and then my move to Melbourne in 1983. And they survived THE BIG AND HEARTLESS TOSS OUT in early 2008.


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