The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

There have been so many programs on TV in Australia about the Jubilee, and catch-ups or replays on 7plus and YouTube, that I don’t intend to repeat them here. Besides. my cataracts are so bad now that it is difficult see what I am writing.

So I decided to settle for a different approach. Below is a video I made from the end of the What a Weekend video shown on Ch 72 a week or so ago. You can see the full 90 minute TV program plus adverts on 7plus (click on that link to go there, or right click for information}

This is not a streaming video like YouTube videos The file is on my site. It took me all week in my spare time to find way to render it ro a size and format that WordPress would accept and play. It has a limit on file sizes.

I thoroughly recommend watching the whole 7Plus program to see a concise version of the 4 day holiday weekend’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

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