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24 April 2021: Feel like baked beans on fried bread? There is a new post.

  • JTH—1920×689—L1000477
  • Mt-Gambier-Town-Hall-B&W
  • Mount-Valley-Lake-1600px-Epson V800
  • Queen-at-MtG-9-14-2009_005
  • Dad-and-others-with-car
  • Dad-and-Judy-Ward–HD
  • Mum me and Easter guests 1x
  • Humber-Snipe-910×620
  • Humber-at-Carpenters-Rocks-900x600px
  • DSC00282
  • Trent-0N9A3313
  • Trent
  • Rainy drrive home
  • Me-in-London-608
  • Aftershot
  • Falcon oven
  • Lunch 15072008
  • QM2 sign
  • QM2 walkers
  • Helicopter
  • QM2-1920-IMG_0535
  • Spirit of Tasmania
  • QM2 and PoT
  • Spirit and QM2
  • Spirit atwharf
  • Spirit Loading
  • Teds at Southlamd
  • RSD


7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. OMG John,

    This is new and fresh … so much to take in!

    Yes, the top right click worked for me on “language” to see how long ago you had planned to try out Italian for a while.

    I look forward to stepping around your new layout in the next day or so.

    Gee, you have found more than a few pics of the Queen in a VERY happy mood. It’s sad that the Royal Persona if to be staid so often … as she really lights up when she is at ease with her surrounds.

    Cheers, Ralph

    • Thanks, Ralph. The new theme is certainly different, and it seems to have speeded up downloading the web pages and, thank goodness, working in WordPress is now like the early days with it/ Recently it had become so slow and frustrating that I doubted I would add any new posts in future.

      I’m afraid my endeavours to learn to speak Italian came to nothing as I couldn’t even remember the word of the day an hour after I did the lesson. However, but I did learn how to pronounce Italian, which comes in very handy with people’s names.


  2. Welcome back John!

    I’ve seen the anomalies over past two days, so you have done your usual great job to get it back up and functioning … albeit with quite a different look.

    Cheers, Ralph

    • Thanks Ralph,

      Yes, the anomalies after the migration of the site are gradually being sorted out. The main cause of problems has been a couple of WordPress plugins not compatible with the new environment, and the complex structure of the theme I’ve used since October 2015. The theme is a base for the big website and page builder plugins that enabled me to create the design. However, as I expected (but had been assured in 2015 would not happen, the design and content can fall apart when you go outside the basic content system of the WordPress software.

      So I decided to go back to a more basic theme that I tried in September 2015, and you saw in action for a few days. It will take a while to sort that out, and fix all the photo galleries. To give an example of the silly little details, it took about an hour on Friday to get the Sitemap page working properly, and then today the page was blank. Well, it looked blank. It is actually a page of links, and they were the colour (white) as the menu names on each page (they are also links), so a white page they were invisible.

      The Gallery page needs a total remake – too many pictures is causing a very slow upload.

      Must buy and do my Christmas before I work on the site,


  3. Hi John,

    Both jthonline.com + /WordPress are both visible and up-to-date in all three of my browsers now.

    Goodo, Ralph

  4. And you’re back again John,

    Let’s hope this time it’s for good … yes, at least for another 40 years!!!

    Good health, Ralph

    • Thanks for your comments this week, Ralph, today and on the 13th and 14th.

      Tonight is the first time I’ve had a look at the Comments section because of the site being off line so much this week. As you know, the problems all started when the domain name expired on the 9th because the auto-renewal failed because of expired credit card details.

      After a lot of hours spent on the problems during the past week, I hope it has now been sorted out. Looking on the bright side, I now have a much better understanding of the roles of the domain name registrar in Kirkland, Washington USA; and the firm who first sold me the name and are shown as the holder located in Melbourne CBD in online searches; and the reseller in Sydney who actually controls the name. And I now have usernames and passwords to login to all of them. Also, my old website hosting account in Australia is now closed and the website is solely hosted in the USA.

      Thank you for bearing with it all patiently.


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