1. Author

      Hi Ralph. Thanks for the comment. I wondered if you’d notice that I had made a change small visible change to this site for the first time in ages. I’ve now made a few more to fix a mistake. The Trooping this year is next weekend, but the rehearsal was yesterday, headed by Prince William, so I included a photo from that, and altered the wording of the news item.

  1. Yeah John,

    Have been meaning to mention that Sitemap webpage was not displaying any content for some time now … but looks like you (or ‘it’) fixed it as all good now.

    Cheers, Ralph

    1. Author

      Hi Ralph,

      I’ve known about the Sitemap not working, but it’s always been a problem and I didn’t have time to fix it. But seeing yesterday was a holiday I decided to look into it seriously. To my surprise I found that most sites use an XML Sitemap which is only there for search engines, robots etc, not for visitors and users. I use an HTML sitemap. Anyway, I read the instructions for the display code more carefully, and found the problem could be that I had included my code for showing the date of each post. But no such code currently exists in the widget I use.

      So I rewrote the code following instructions and without my fake code, and voila! It worked.


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