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I will write more later, to explain why I chose these movies, which are among my favourites of all time.   Needless to say, where there are crowd scenes, they are real people (thousands of extras in some cases).   Computer graphics didn’t exist when these films were made.   Meanwhile, here is a list with a few notes:

Movie 1 – Nicholas and Alexandra

From the historical novel.  The perspective of this story, about the last Tsar of Russia, has been of interest to me ever since, and I read the book after seeing the movie.  I’ve also read other books on the subject, and have a book with the collected letters of Nicky and Alex to each other.

Movie 2 – The Shoes of the Fisherman

Based on the book by Morris West.  I haven’t read it, but I understand a lot of it comprises the thoughts of the main character, so the film is rather different – and more interesting and dramatic.

Movie 3 – The Caine Mutiny

From the book, also a Broadway play (mainly the courtmartial drama).  I read the book afterwards.

Movie 4 – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

A movie musical I loved at first sight in my teens, and especially the Lonesome Polecat scene.

Movie 5 – Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away

I haven’t seen it yet, but James Cameron is involved

Movie 6 – It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Good old fashioned fun.  Big cast.  I love the old cars – they don’t make them like that these days.