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Visit to my GP

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On Monday, 11 November 2013, I made my half yearly appointment to see my GP for prescription renewals and a general checkup. Normally in November I fast before the visit to have blood taken for general testing. But this year I didn’t fast because I felt little bit concerned about more specific health matters. On Monday I made note of …

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Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – 2nd June 1953 – Looking back

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Many years later the following documentary was recorded about the Coronation with commentary, interviews and footage that provide background to the ceremony, the planning, and people involved in various aspects of it.   I find it very interesting and at times quite entertaining. Last year, Prince Charles made the following documentary in tribute to his mother’s Diamond Jubilee. Originally, in …

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Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – 2nd June 1953 – The Day

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The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place 60 years ago today.  I had looked forward to it for about a year after reading about the history and traditions, in The Illustrated London News special issues and weekly editions, in Mum’s copies of The Australian Women’s Weekly (and it was weekly in those days) and in newspapers and in newsreels at …

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Mahler Symphony No. 8

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My last post, about the new Fleet Foxes album Helplessness Blues, featured the title soundtrack.  But the post also featured a video promotion extract from the new Blu-ray recording of Mahler’s Symphony No.8.  Ralph made a comment that he enjoyed the Fleet Foxes recording, and (not his words) politely implied that the Mahler was taking time to grow on him. …

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Our Queen visited Melbourne today

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The above photo is from in The Times of London in their online issue on Thursday. 27 October 2011.  I’ve added it to the front of this post because I think it’s a superb photo that captures the whole spirit of the moment that I saw myself, from the other side of the road (St Kilda Road).  The photographer was Scott Barbour of …