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Modernist Cuisine

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Today was my birthday.  I spent it quietly doing the mid-week wash, and answering phone calls from early in the morning to late evening. It was most enjoyable, and great to hear from and chat to so many dear friends. I also had several very welcome emails. One of the things many friends asked me was whether I had treated …

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Mashed Potatoes

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From my childhood days I’ve always loved mashed potatoes. I mean the smooth puree of potatoes, perhaps with cream and butter – not the lumpy kind with little lumps of potato not mashed; and worse still, not even properly cooked. But I must confess that I’m a bit lazy and I’ve always preferred it when someone else does the work …

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New iPhone Apps

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Today is a great day to write about some iPhone apps, because Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, announced the iPhone 4 today.  It’s a sensational update, and the good news is that the new iOS 4 software will be a free update for 3G and 3GS iPhones. It might seem a little odd, or at least conflicting, that I’m writing …

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Inductions hobs 10

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This evening I cooked a 926gm piece of Virginia beef in my Kuhn Rikon frypan pressure cooker on top of the gas stove.  This is the first time since last October that I’ve cooked beef in the pressure cooker on my gas stove-top.  I’ve been using the Breville Ikon Induction Cooker during the past seven months when I’ve used the …