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Wonderful praise, or Spam?

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My photography site at gets even less visitors and comments than this site, but for some reason it attracts a lot of spam comments that Akismet (the spam blocker) thinks could be genuine and isolates them in a Spam folder for me to evaluate and either delete or publish.  I can’t remember Akismet ever getting it wrong in what it …

Match and beat

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This evening I changed the Word Press theme I’m using from a magazine style layout to a classic blog style where each blog is seen in full on the blog home page and follow one another in chronological order. As always, you can search for something in the Search feature in the navigation bar at the top of every page, …


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It’s strange how things sometime develop in a certain way without any planning.  But everything falls into place by chance. For quite some time now I’ve been trying to find a new name for my blog page  without any success. I wanted to develop a different image from The Silver Fox, or The Chain Saw Man which have been my …

Blog stats

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Soon after I began this blog page as part of I’ve been using Stats plugin as the source of stats for this page. It tells me that my post yesterday has had three views. That’s better than normal. I often get no views. And that’s depressing. But last night I installed a new stats plugin. This tells me …

I’m easing off on my blog posts

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Here is a graph of visitors to this page in the past month. As you can see, there were 5 days in August when it looked good, but otherwise it’s very dismal and not at all encouraging for me to continue on with it on a daily basis. My future posts will be less frequent – perhaps, days, weeks or …

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New page title needed

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This weekend I did a Google search for “The Silver Fox speaks up” to see if this blog page is indexed, and this is what I came across.  It’s the  heading of an article about Bill Clinton.  I made a screen grab of it not realising that it’s headed in the same Georgia font as I use.  So it looks …