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Kurt Weill

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In the days when hifi stereo long playing vinyl records were the ultimate when matched with a good cartridge, tone arm, turntable, amplifier and speakers, and parallel tone arms were arguably better, the Bette Midler album simply titled Bette Midler came out in 1973 and I bought a copy from John Stagg at the Regent Arcade record shop in Adelaide.  …

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JPS Harmonic Synthesizer

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My interest in keyboard synthesizers and computer music began in 1990 when I bought a Korg M1 and already had an Commodore Amiga computer at home. That was my first experience with what is now called a DAW – Digital Audio Workstation. On the Amiga I used several of Dr T’s music programs including KCS and Music Mouse; but my …

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Anna Russell

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Following on from my post about Florence Foster Jenkins, I am now writing about Anna Russell.  Anna was from a later period that Florence Foster Jenkins, but unlike Florence, Anna deliberately set out to be funny – and a lot of her humour came from making fun of absurd.  When I was young, living in Mount Gambier, recordings of Anna Russell performances …

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Florence Foster Jenkins

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For some time I have been thinking of making a post about Florence Foster Jenkins.  She was an aspiring US opera singer born in 1886 who gave a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York in 1944 and it was sold out within two hours.  People were scrambling to get seats and some were offering to buy tickets at high prices. …

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Karajan 1970s

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Over the past couple of years I’ve become a fan of large box sets of classical music. It began with The Decca Sound, and I published a post about it on 30 December 2011. Since then I’ve bought many other box sets and have published posts about several of them. One of the sets I bought last year, but did …