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Inductions hobs 10

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This evening I cooked a 926gm piece of Virginia beef in my Kuhn Rikon frypan pressure cooker on top of the gas stove.  This is the first time since last October that I’ve cooked beef in the pressure cooker on my gas stove-top.  I’ve been using the Breville Ikon Induction Cooker during the past seven months when I’ve used the …

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Induction hobs 9

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On Wednesday (two days ago) it was seven months since I bought my portable Breville Ikon Induction Cooker (model BC200). Since the day I bought it the Breville has sat on a cutting board on top of my gas stove-top and I have used it exclusively for stove-top cooking for those seven months. That’s been a good trial, so on …

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Induction hobs 8

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This post was originally on my website home page, but I’ve now moved it here as a continuation of the induction hob posts. This video will show you why induction cooking impresses me, and is still on the wish list for my kitchen. The second half of the video shows a new item for my kitchen wish list which half …

Induction hobs 7 – the Breville BIC200

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In this post I’m going to give an update on my experiences so far with the Breville BIC200 Induction Cooker.  It’s a small, light, portable induction hob that can be plugged into any power point, as it only draws power from 120w to 2100w.  The best place for it, of course, is in the kitchen; but it could also be …

Induction hobs 6

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REVISED 7 November Last night I was so frustrated with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, and then CS3, that I downloaded and installed Sony Vegas Media Studio 9 trial version and installed it.  This also led to frustration, as I couldn’t work out how to edit video on the timeline or add titles.  The reason I turned to Vegas Studio, is …