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Making Headway

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After several days trying it, I have finally decided on the WordPress theme I plan to use in future.  It’s called Headway.  The main advantage of Headway is that it allows me to design my posts and pages whatever way I like; and place whatever content I choose wherever I want it.  You can already see some of the differences that …

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New WordPress Theme

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Today I began trying a new theme for WordPress on a 30 day trial. This post is just a temporary one for me to try out some of the features of the new theme (and others in the series). Monday, 10 November 2014 During the past two weeks I have tried a new theme nearly every day, and one of them …

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My 2014 Lexus ES300h

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It’s four years to the day that I took delivery of my new Lexus IS250 from Lexus of Brighton, and made a post about on the same day. So I thought today would be a good time to make a post about the visit I made to Lexus of Brighton on Friday 9 May 2014. I had been thinking for …

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Samsung Galaxy S III keyboard

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The Featured Image for this post is a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy S III keyboard in vertical mode, in the Email screen.  Note the sliding row of text format options at the top.  The keyboard is significantly different to the iPhone keyboard in a number of respects.  On the alphabet (ABC) view the top row has numerals in small …

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Mashed Potatoes

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From my childhood days I’ve always loved mashed potatoes. I mean the smooth puree of potatoes, perhaps with cream and butter – not the lumpy kind with little lumps of potato not mashed; and worse still, not even properly cooked. But I must confess that I’m a bit lazy and I’ve always preferred it when someone else does the work …


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On Friday afternoon I decided to look for a new free WordPress theme to try out just for a change from my usual Thesis theme. Now and again I like to do this to show visitors that the way the page looks is not set in concrete. It’s how I like it. On Friday, I looked at dozens of themes, …