Times are a changing

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Things are changing in my life.

For example, here’s a photo of what I had for lunch today.

Carrot salad

It’s a salad with ham, salad leaves, tomato, cucumber and a peppery carrot salad (from the recipe in Suzanne Gibbs in The Pressure Cooker Recipe Book).  However, in this case the carrots were cooked on the Breville Induction cooker for 20 mins, instead of in a pressure cooker.  After that I followed the recipe and the carrots were crushed with harissa, garlic, cummin, coriander, white wine vinegar, olive oil and other herbs.

During the week I published my final version of the Alligator Lopper video to YouTube.  I thought it was on my blog site in an earlier post, and that I changed the video on that post, but I must have either imagined it or deleted the post as part of a cleanup of some posts that were only meant to be temporary.  I’ve now included the video in this post, so that you can now see the final version, created in Premiere Elements, here:

My final versions are bit like John Farnham’s final tours and concerts, just to name one artist, so today I published a new version of the video at YouTube:

I wonder what you think of the two versions.

For a light relief here is something different, with not a chainsaw in sight.


  1. Hi John,

    I think your lunch looks very colourful but please change your pic tag to http://www.jthonline.com/WordPress/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/Carrot-salad.jpg … so the rest of the world can enjoy it too.

    My PC video playback is VERY stilted, so I had to wait to pinch your FLV files from my “Temporary Internet Files” directory to get a real feel for the two videos.

    I like the second one much better because:

    1. More appealing soundtrack (to me) as more like the addictive sound of early video game background music and I am not into spanish music much.
    2. Eliminates or masks background road noise MUCH better.
    3. Your text signs and video effects are always great, although I like the second a bit better but missed the Wimbledon tennis ball green swish of the first video.

    I have to go off for some rehad now as I am starting to feel sad for that poor fencepost that I have seen massacred 30 or more times over recent weeks … and I have never managed to watch Friday the 13th movie genre all the way thru!

    Who is this “dombionchi” fellow anyway? Some infamous modern chainsaw massacring villain? If he’s not doing in some de-fence-less post … he’s decimating a bit of precious water that was minding its own business?

    Must go and play some Freecell before bed to change the fodder for tonight’s dreaming sessions.

    Bye for now, Ralph

    1. Author

      Hi Ralph, I’ve redone the picture, and it can now be seen. I have no idea of what went wrong, as the pic showed up as it should in my blog text editor. Perhpas the MySQL database where all that you see is generated from, had a hissy fit.

      If your video playback is stilted, an effective workaround is simple. Start the play, then hit the pause button, and go off for a while doing other things. Yes, you could get a coffee, or do your homework, or watch TV, or at this time of the year do your Christmas cards; but what I really meant was do a Ctrl T to open a new tab, and continue on the Internet with whatever has your interest, before coming back to the video.

  2. I’m glad your induction cooktop is going so well. Is the lack of ultra-low setting still proving to be a problem?

    1. Author

      Colin, the lack of ultra-low settings on my portable induction cooker is not so much a problem as an incentive to continue my hopes of one day installing a top end induction stovetop in my kitchen. I would not even consider getting an induction stovetop without that feature and 15 settings, as for me it would be an opportunity lost. It’s not just the low settings but the number of settings to make it more likely to find exactly the setting I want. The lowest setting on my Breville is OK for boiling potatoes etc in a saucepan, with the lid on. Taking the lid off, or cooking asparagus in an open pan as I did today, lowers the temp to a gentle simmer.

      But the lowest settingon the Breville is too high for my pressure cookers. That’s annoying, as the induction cooker is great for bringing the cookers up to pressure very quickly. But after that, the lowest setting is too high to stop the pressure rising even higher. So I have to turn the cooker off for a minute or two, or release lots of steam. What this means is that I have to pay regular attention to the pressure cooker, which is a bit of a drag if it’s a 55 minute session. With a De Dietrich I would expect to be able to maintain a constant pressure. Maybe I should arrange to test it at the Clive Peeters store where I shot the video.

      Now I’m sure that using a pressure cooker is not going to ring any bells with you, or perhaps anyone else who might read this. But take note. They are coming back. I started writing a post on pressure cookers a few months ago, but it’s still just a draft I began. The pressure cooker that I use most, looks like a non-stick frypan, and can cook the best risotto I’ve ever had, in 7 minutes. Or a 750gm piece of beef well done, in 27 minutes.

  3. My pressure cooker is so old its base has become convex, so it won’t sit properly on a glass cooktop, so I doubt it would work. Paul just laughs at it sitting in the cupboard. Oh, wait. I think he’s thrown it out, the bugger 🙁

    1. Author

      Colin, if the base of your old pressure cooker had become convex, then it was probably aluminium and would never have worked on an induction cooker anyway. If Paul threw it out you should thank him. Modern pressure cookers are different and much better than the old models.

      I have two. A 6 litre Fissler Blue Point for the big jobs, and a Kuhn Rikon for the small jobs.

      My 2 litre non-stick Kuhn Rikon is no longer available. The nearest is the 2.5 litre model, which is better in some ways.


      Tonight I cooked a 600gm piece of Virginia beef in my Kuhn Rikon, in 21 minutes.

  4. Howdy John,

    WOW! Your new theme + designs + everything is just WOW!!!

    You have to be please with this effort …

    Well done, Ralph

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