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Here’s my star of this week, and possibly of the year.

Susan Boyle 2_

Do you know who it is?   Her CD was released this week.

10 December update

It is, of course, Susan Boyle, and the photo is from her CD, which has got a lot of publicity this week, what with the advertising on TV and the Today Tonight segment about the CD, including an interview with Molly Meldrum.

Her performance on Britain’s Got Talent which shot her to world wide fame can be see on my website.  Click here.

17 December update

Today I went to Chadstone shopping centre and bought the CD.


  1. Ooooo I know John!

    … I saw this pic on a very informative website last Wednsday … it’s SB’s photo off her new CD cover titled “I Dreamed A Dream”.

    Can we look forward to getting any new ‘random’ feature photos soon? A stitched panorama view of your kitchen with all your new gadgets must be worth a setup session.

    We saw one of those new fandangled stovetops the other day when hunting for a new rangehood. No demonstration, but one young ethnic gal was getting a hard sell “great deal” from the old ethnic sales guy. In fact, it was a bit eerie as Kronos was full of ethnics back in my old ethnic neighbourhood of Torrensville.

    I am glad I had your background briefing, otherwise I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t just another ceramic cooktop.

    Have you seen any of the cruise ships this season?

    “Hi” Colin!

    Cheers, Ralph

  2. She’s a sexy lady (!?). Thank goodness they did her hair. (My previous comment on this subject seems to have disappeared.)

    Hi Ralph. You’re not on facebook? 🙁

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