I’m gonna get a chainsaw, da da da da da

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Joshua Rich  –  Gonna Get a Haircut

The title is a musical introduction.  Try singing it, and make something of it.

Try it to Joshua Rich-Gonna Get a Haircut.

I’m fairly sure that those who know me would never think of me as a person to buy a chainsaw.

But I’m gonna get a chainsaw

Earlier this year I saw an advert in my letterbox junk mail for a battery powered chainsaw sold by a local harware store, and it seemed to me as a way of dealing with the large branches from a dead shrub that have been in my garage for several years.  I’ve tried sawing them in to small pieces to put in my garbage bin, but it’s too hard and slow.

The chainsaw idea appealed to me, but seemed silly, and overkill and perhaps wildly extravagant.

On Monday I had an overdue haircut, and the conversation with my barber eventually got into his gardening over the weekend.  After that I mentioned my garden problem, and he suggested “Get a chainsaw.”

That made my day.  Here was a very down to earth barber of Greek descent suggesting that I ought to get a chainsaw to deal with my problem.  This was thrilling advice for me.  It confirmed that I was not an idiot in thinking that a chainsaw would be the easiest way to gradually fix my garden problem.

And so, a chainsaw is on my shopping list this week.

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