Trooping the Colour – 2018

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I had not intended to make a post about the Trooping this year, but on Saturday, 9 June, I looked at the time and noted that the Trooping the Colour event might still be taking place in London. When I checked The Telegraph (UK) online, there was an item to see the event live, so I clicked on it and sure enough the streaming video showed troops marching on the parade ground, but I realized they were marching around as part of an orderly exit. So I went across to YouTube and already there were videos of the event online. I gave some thought to making a post there and then, but at that hour decided to get ready for bed instead.

Little did I know that at midnight that Saturday, my domain name would expire and this whole website would go offline for a few days until I became aware of the problem and could fix it.  The website came back online for a few days and then went offline again because of misunderstanding by the former hosts of this site when I formally cancelled that site.  The cancelled the domain name too.  Once that was fixed, soon after came the news that the current hosts had found my site was slowing down the server it was on, and they were going to transfer the whole site to another server.  They recommended I make no further posts or changes to the site until the transfer was complete.

With all of that disruption to the site over, I hope, I’ve decided that Trooping the Colour 2018 should get a post of its own (instead of a temporary spot in the side bar).  After all, it’s the first year without the Duke of Edinburgh (retired from public duties) and the first with Megan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex.


My friend Ralph wondered, on the Comments page, about the strange noises on the far left, at the 1.48.50 mark for about 9 seconds. It must be a recording glitch I thought.

But then I looked at another video which I’ve added below because it is higher quality. However, the person posting it on YouTube has cut the start and end (balcony scene and flyover) to try to avoid the video being removed for copyright reasons.

The strange noises are also in this video soon after the 1.39.00 mark (earlier because of the cut at the front). However, if you go to the YouTube you will find some comments about the noises.

In my opinion, based on the close-miked sound of the noises without ambient sounds, I believe the sounds are coming from the broadcasting box, to the left of the commentator. I leave you to form your own opinion as to what the sounds are.


  1. Well done John,

    I’ve really enjoyed this year’s “Full” video. Can’t imagine me doing so over a 2.5 hrs Royal Parade in years past but they do a top job of explaining it all and infilling with relevant participants, etc.

    Thanks for the main top pic of the Royals on horses, as I was convinced during the commentary that it was Prince Charles on the big white steed.

    Glad the ‘special’ sound effects were not part of my imagination as there are even more internet commentary on what “it” was.

    Thanks for putting on the show again this year.

    Cheers, Ralph

    1. Author

      Yes, Ralph, like you I really enjoyed this year’s full video. Lots to see, and this year to note who was not there.

      Trooping the Colour is a wonderful spectacle, and has good marching music, with lots of details to take an interest in. This year you were one of those who noticed what I believe were farts in the commentary box.


  2. Hi John,

    Perhaps the particular noises in question were so familiar to me as a self-confessed frequent solo ‘trumpeter’!?

    I also enjoyed the family filmed video of “Queen at Windsor Great Park” on your other broadcast ‘channel’. Easy to see how modern day news and information is so easily spread by the people of the world with little or no effort at all.

    Do you know what all the Chauffeur driven hand puppets were all about?

    Cheers, Ralph

    1. Author

      Can’t help you, Ralph, regarding the puppets. I could only find one item about an isolated event in 2014, and that was on the trip from Windsor to Epsom Downs as well. Maybe it has since become a bit of a tradition with the drivers on that trip. In the video on my home site, the royal family are not in the limos.


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