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REVISED 7 November

Last night I was so frustrated with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, and then CS3, that I downloaded and installed Sony Vegas Media Studio 9 trial version and installed it.  This also led to frustration, as I couldn’t work out how to edit video on the timeline or add titles.  The reason I turned to Vegas Studio, is that it’s a consumer (mums & dads) simple version of Vegas, which was the first high end video editor that I ever used.  I thought the Studio version would be easy to pick up immediately.  Not so.

Today I did a few of the built-in help tutorials in Vegas Studio, and they brought me up to speed in about 10 minutes.  So I’ve now redone the Boiling Water demo in the Vegas Studio trial version.   This time it works properly.  And I’ve even added a few extras, as it was so easy to do in Vegas Studio that it almost invited me to do it.  The best thing of all was that I didn’t have to select the encoding settings to create a video in a suitable format to upload to YouTube, and then upload the video to YouTube on the YouTube page.  In Vegas Studio all I had to do was select “Upload to YouTube” from the Project menu and it did it all for me.  I’m impressed!

The original video in my 3 November post (Induction hobs 5) has now been replaced with a newly revised video with a Cinescore soundtrack.

On the face of it, being able to boil so quickly might not seem all that impressive.  But that’s how quickly I can get my pressure cookers up to steam.  And that’s how quickly it can bring water to the boil to boil, simmer or poach.  And it also gives a good indication of how quickly a frypan, grill or wok can be brought to high heat.

It changes the way you cook, and how you feel about cooking.  No longer does it take minutes to heat a pan for cooking.  It happens so quickly that you need to be ready for it.

In the coming week I hope to make a post about my Breville Induction Cooker portable hob and what I think of it so far.

I haven’t yet tried grilling meat on a cast iron grill pan.  It used to take 4 minutes or so to heat a grill pan on a gas stove, and even then it didn’t impress me with the way it cooked steaks.  I’ll reserve my comments until I try it.  But I’m willing to put myself on record now by saying that I’ve never once yet been impressed by any steak cooked on my Le Creuset grill pan.

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