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Here it is, Friday 6 November (note: Friday 13th next week), and I’ve only made once post since Wednesday last week.  The reason is that I haven’t been able to get Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 to encode my De Dietrich boiling water video.  It crashes every time I try it.  I’ve spent days on it, and done many Google searches, and the best I can come up with is that the new Adobe Media Encoder is fraught with many problems and Adobe hasn’t been able to fix them (presuming they’re trying to).

In the end, on Tuesday, I used Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 to put together the video which I posted on YouTube with an embedded link on this blog.  (Embedded link means you can watch the video on this blog, or by clicking on the video once it starts playing, be transferred to the YouTube page.)

In case you’re wondering, the only reason I’m publishing my videos on YouTube instead of on my website hosting server, is simply because I don’t have anywhere near the disk space for them on my hosting server, with its 250MB limit.

At least Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 enabled me to post a video on YouTube, but it’s not right.  It’s not according to the timeline.  It goes wrong at the point where the 2nd title “a few seconds later” comes in.  There should be no audio during this 5 second title, but the audio from the video starts playing ahead of the video.  From there it all goes wrong.  I haven’t been able to fix it, even though it looks right on the timeline.  Hence the post heading – Frustration.

I’ll probably delete this post in a few days.  It’s mainly to let regular visitors, if any, know what’s going on.

Update: This post drew some welcome comments, perhaps to try to soothe my frustration, so now I won’t delete it.


  1. Hi John,

    Thank you for the update on your troublesome video publishing problems.

    I have been intrigued reading about your recent gadget adventures … even if time does not permit me to fully understand where each gadget fits into your new kitchen arsenal. I am glad you didn’t go for the Flavorwave as it has proven to take up too much benchtop space to be used regularly … and a big effort at washing up time for the chief cook and bottlewasher!

    Hope a solution finds its way to your blog world soon.

    Cheers, Ralph

    1. Author

      Hi Ralph,

      It’s good to hear from you. Your comment about not understanding where my new kitchen gadgets fit into my kitchen arsenal has given me the idea for a post sometime soon, reporting on my experience with the Breville Induction Cooker and how it fits in. It’s only Sunday week ago that I bought it, and I haven’t used my gas stove since. Well, actually it gets use all the time – as a bench for the induction cooker (with the cooker sitting on a cutting board on top of the gas burners).

      Thanks for your update on the Flavorwave. That must be disappointing, and I’m now relieved that I didn’t get one, as I probably have less free bench space than anyone else (thanks to my clutter). I wondered about the cleaning aspect, as it looks like there is a lot of cleaning involved. I too have things that don’t get used often simply because they’re not worth the hassle of getting out to use, and cleaning afterwards.


  2. We haven’t upgraded to CS4 as we bought a Mac to do our video editing on Final Cut (but it’s more difficult to use than Adobe). Our biggest problem with CS3 is the bug in the Blu-ray authoring software which means that it makes a mistake on every menu when yo uplay the disc.

    1. Author

      Hi Colin,

      I hope you’re enjoying Final Cut Pro. I used it a few years for the biggest video project I’ve undertaken – The QM2 Project – and I got very used to it at the time, and liked it. It does a lot of things differently to Premiere Pro – some I liked and some annoyed me. When I returned to Premiere Pro at the start of last year I felt like I was coming home. But I suspect that it was more to do with returning to edit video on my PC desktop, with its monitor set up permanently on my table, instead of having to get out the MacBook laptop and make space for it on the table every time I wanted to edit video. It’s a bit like the comment Ralph made on this post, regarding the Flavorwave oven not getting regular use for similar reasons (although the MacBook didn’t need washing up afterwards).


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