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Yesterday I drove to Chadstone and at David Jones bought a Tefal Ingenio Cocoon stainless steel set of small frypan, saucepan and wok designed especially for use on an induction stovetop.  It’s the perfect size for my Breville Induction Cooker which I bought on Sunday to try out before I even think of committing to a $4,500 stove top plus all the installation costs; and new electrical wiring for a 30 amp circuit (at an estimated cost of up to $800).

Rather than me try to explain the Tefal Ingenio Cocoon, you ca check it out at are details at Tefal Australia if you’re interested.

Fortunately David Jones currently had a 30% discount.  The Cocoon is one of several sets of pans with a detachable handle and knob fpr the flat glass lid, and optional accessories.  In the photo on the above link, the frypan is upside down and stacked on top of the wok.  The saucepan, glass lids and knob are inside the wok.  It really does save space for storage.  It even comes with a storage bag.

Last night I used the saucepan to boil a potato, cut into quarters.  I was amazed at how quickly the water in the saucepan came up to the boil.  About 3 minutes, and then I reduced the power on the Breville Induction Cooker to level 3  But this was too vigorous, so I then went down to 2 and finally to 1.  With experience I’ll know where to set the cooker level once the water comes to the boil.

To be honest, I’d thought the store demos of how quickly induction hobs can bring water to the boil didn’t excite me.  But last night, in my own kitchen, when I cooked a quartered peeled potato in the Tefal saucepan on the Breville induction cooker, it amazed me when the water covering the potato came to the boil in 3 minutes.

I cooked the potatoes for 20 minutes, as normal for me, then drained the saucepan and tipped the potato pieces into the wok cooker, where I browned them on high heat, and then added a stirfry vegetable mix.  I served it with slices of  roast beef, which I’d cooked on Monday night on the Breville BIC200 in a pressure cooker.

There’s an amusing TV commercial of the Igenio system at:


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