Chainsaw Man Part II

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A few days ago I received an email from a friend who had been away on holidays for a while and hadn’t seen this blog page since it was called “The Silver Fox speaks up, and he wondered why the change of name.  I replied that he could check this out by searching for “silver” in the Search box on this page and he’d find my post explaining why I decided to find a new name for this page.


But I realised when I replied to his email that I’ve never explained why I chose the new name.

Firstly, I liked the idea of taking a photo of myself dressed as a tradesman and have it at the top of the page.  But most of all it was because of the stats reports that I get, which among other things list the last 15 visitors  to my blog page as a result of Google searches, and the search terms they used.  Almost all visitors to my page as a result of searches are seeking information about my chainsaw.  The following is the latest stats list of visitor search terms:


Here’s a video of the B&D cordless Alligator chainsaw in action:

Here’s another video, from Germany. It looks like it comes in green over there, as an option. This video shows how easy it is for even a young lady to use the chainsaw. She also shows how to tension the chain, which should be done every 10 minutes or whatever time the manual says and it’s also on the chainsaw itself. Also you do is loosen the nut as shown in the video. The chainsaw will then automatically tension the chain and then you re-tighten the nut. A spanner is provided. She also show where to oil the chain. A plastic “oil can” is provided that has a nozzle that fits in the oil hole.

I’ve enjoyed talking to you, but now I’ve got lots of other things to do today – especially to watch Australian Idol tonight with Liza Minnelli as mentor during the week and guest judge. Last week it was Harry Connick Jnr.

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