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Yesterday the thought crossed my mind that anyone who visits this blog page fairly often will by now have got used to the Thesis theme design and the rotating image gallery, and will perhaps have come to believe that it’s how the page looks and that its appearance is set in concrete.

So I decided to browse around for a new theme that would dramatically change the look of this page, for one day only, and this is the one I chose:


Well, Reno made a comment on the new theme, using my last post to do it, as I hadn’t made a new post to go with the new theme.  The problem is that his very enthusiastic comment would make no sense after I reverted to the Thesis theme today.  So I’m adding this post with a record of the theme he was writing about, and as you can see it  looks totally different.  Not only the colours and header, but also the layout and the number of posts you can scroll down in full.  Thesis only allows the most two recent posts to be displayed in full.

One of the reasons that the appearance of the page can be changed with a mouse click is because of CSS.  My website has a long page devoted to my experience in learning CSS, where content and design are separated.  And the content is in one box, so to speak, and the layout and design instructions are in another box – and this includes fonts, colours, lines, and so on.

I’ve adopted another new theme today.  I really like the look of this one, and it has some neat features like tabs for categories.

I’m looking forward to Australian Idol next Sunday, because the guest mentor to the contestants, guest judge and performer is the legendary Liza with a Z.

For me, Liza Minnelli is an extraordinary singer and performer, and it amazes me that such a great legend is alive and visiting and performing in Australia – and she’s no stranger to our shores.  She married an Aussie.

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