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It’s been a while since I made my last post.  In fact this is my first post this month.  I’d like to be able to say that I haven’t had time to write anything new because I’ve been flat out replying to the overwhelming response to my last post where I asked if it was worth my time and effort finishing the video project.  However, the fact is that I’ haven’t been able to think of anything to write about.  And I didn’t want to add my two cents worth to the Fevola business or the Hey Hey controversy started off by Harry Connick Jnr.

So I’ve decided to start writing about what I’ve been doing lately, and instead of blogging on this page I’ve added a new item to my Gadgets page and written it as as a bit of a blog, as I find it enjoyable working in Dreamweaver for a change. The new item on the Gadgets page is about the Safe-T-Step and my efforts to find one.



  1. Hi John,

    Sorry it’s been so long taking some time to “comment” but I have still been enjoying all your activities and writings! In particular:

    1. I too think you look great in your new blogoshpere persona – very macho. Maybe you could offer yourself up for a model on the next Bernie Frazer Union Superannuation advert.

    2. Fantastic persistence on your latest gadegt purchase – great story, very enjoyable read. How old was that “young lady”? Maybe you should go back and leave a single carnation or gerbera for her? I am veryrelieved to hear that you now have a sfae method for scaling the heights of household maintenance … but I am curious about your movie star hero … were their initials CS? Google brings up 61,900 hits for “movie star died falling off a ladder at home”.

    3. We are supposed to clean our aircon filter only once a year BUT after 12 years with performance appearing to suffer … Alan finally convinced me to make an effort to clean it. Yucko, took ages but things are much better now.

    You guessed it … I had better get back to work @ home so I can see if I can get ahead of the game for the first official day of the week.

    Cheers, Reno

  2. Oops John,

    I forgot to comment on your latest video project. I have copied it to my local hard drive but have not had a chance to view it fully yet.

    Were you videoing on a whim or was it part of an semi-official function? Not sure if some of the ‘regular’ subjects would like how they perfromed in front of the camera “the day after”? But as I couldn’t readily recognise anyone in the crowd, their reputations are safe with me.

    I am sure that any final product would be most enjoyable, especially if you added a new feature or style as you progress your talent pool of enhancements. But, as I have found during my return to over-busy working weeks, hobby tasks just have to wait until time permits OR when one is so worn out with so called forced duties that a break for persoanl achievement is the only tonic available.

    Two weekends ago, I had my one day a year in the garden pulling a 240 litre load of weeds from the back garden fence. I must have enjoyed it as I spent this arvo’ (352 days early) in the front yard pruning back our montrous ivy covering to our side fence. Another bin load but only barely half done … must wait for the fortnightly green bin is emptied to see if I can break an all time record of three garden days in a season!?

    Keep well John, Reno

  3. WOW Wow WoW wwwwwwOW wooooooooooW + WOW John,

    This new ‘theme’ is mind blowingly spectacular!

    Did ya design it all yourself? Or did ya picklist it?

    “Macho Union-man John” goes “Watercoloury Easeltastic”.

    Can’t wait ’til next flavour, Reno

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