Just because you can

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In the past 24 hours I’ve experimented with a wide range of WordPress themes to see what this page looks like with them.  I should explain that WordPress is a great example of keeping structure and content separate to design layout (with CSS).  So I can have my existing content and then download and activate a new theme, and suddenly the page looks different, but with the same content.  That’s the power of CSS – which I’ve been learning since April and have diarised in the CSS Report on my home page.

However, you cannot have this theme on a WordPress.com page, because these theme was developed by a third party (but it was still free).  WordPress does have over 900 themes from which to ckoose, including the one that I use normally.

I’ve tried some wild designs that make this page look amazingly different and dramatically demonstrate the power of CSS to change the design.  However, while the themes I tried are sensational looking, they make it difficult to read the text and check the comments (if any), or even find the comments, or the archives, or the Search and other features on the page.

I decided that those who click onto my blog page, probably want to read my blogs, and any comments to them, and decide if they want to make their own comments, as easily as possible.  They don’t want an amazing design and this won’t bring them back to the page.  They want an easy to read and use page, with amazing content.

In the end, it confirmed my long held belief that you should not do design or video effects and other things just because you can.

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