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After several days trying it, I have finally decided on the WordPress theme I plan to use in future.  It’s called Headway.  The main advantage of Headway is that it allows me to design my posts and pages whatever way I like; and place whatever content I choose wherever I want it.  You can already see some of the differences that this makes on the Home page, and in this post.

The layout of this post is an individual design I created just for this post.  Unlike my normal post pages, it is full width and doesn’t have a right side-bar.  Yet near the bottom I have created two columns, one with what Wordress call widgets, and the other with a slider of the feature images from this and previous posts, chosen randomly each time a visitor comes to this post or refreshes the browser page.  You can scroll through some 60 posts and click on any to open it.  However, I would prefer the two column area to be above the area for comments, instead of below it.  Perhaps that’s something I’ll find out how to do when I’ve read the Manual.

Here is the Headway Visual Editor showing the Block layout for this page, and what each block contains.  The text of this post and the images in it as part of the post are contained in the block marked “Content.”  The width and position of the Blocks can be changed easily by dragging them with the curspr in the same way as any drawing program.  At this stage it seems to me that the height of each block as shown in the Editor is not important.  The actual height will be determined by the amount and size of the content I put in each block.


Headway has a second Visual Editor and this is for styling the post (or page).  In this case you can see in the grab below that I have played with the font family and font size for tag line in the heading of this post, and also with the font family of the text in the post.  I could also change font colour, background colours, padding, margins and so on.  I was happy to play with the settings for this screen grab, because i planned to exit the Editor without saving the changes.


And who is the young man in the feature photo for this post?  He has been a friend for nearly 40 years and the #1 visitor to this site.  The photo was taken by me in my lounge room when i lived in Adelaide, with a Mamiya RB67 medium format film camera and studio lighting, and a black velvet background.  I think the film was Kodak Ektachrome 120, probably 64 ASA.


  1. Thanks John,

    I’m famous again … and I still have that shirt. It’s a bit faded and must have shrunk in the wash, as it definitely doesn’t fit anymore!?

    Yes, I have been keeping pace with all your ‘trials’ and really enjoying your many pics and music selections (including your own talents with oasys1.mp3 which originally featured back in June 2009 as a wma).

    Cheers, Ralph

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comments, Ralph. I’ve removed the oasys1.mp3 track because I don’t think my amateur improvising on the keyboard is a good match in the same playlist as Luciano Pavarotti and Elvis Presley.


  2. That’s a great shirt, Ralph. I’d love to be seen in that shirt, except for the massive collar. Great ABBA haircut, or is that the pageboy look?

  3. John, I’d love a Mamiya RB67, the only problem is my scanner can only scan up to 35mm negatives/slides 🙁
    I want to do a shoot I’m planning for early next year of the front of my 1868 house, complete with people dressed in Victorian clothes, trying to reproduce a photo I was given by one of the original owner’s descendants. On the other hand I guess film processing labs probably have the technology to scan the negatives for me.
    Paul & I were having a discussion yesterday about whether to shoot in colour or black & white when you are confident you want the final product in B&W. My viewpoint is that if you shoot in colour in RAW you have total control of the way the B&W conversion happens, e.g. make the blues darker.

    1. Author


      Regarding whether to shoot your forthcoming project in B&W or colour to get a B&W final photo, I understand that even if you shoot in B&W, the RAW file will still contain the colour information. May I suggest you shoot a trial shot in B&W, then in Camera RAW in Photoshop (or any program that handles your RAW files) see if you can change the shooting mode from B&W as shot, to colour.

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