The Brownlow Medal

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The Brownlow Medal awards were held last night, and the winner by a large margin was the favourite, Gary Ablett Jr.  His win got good coverage on the TV news tonight, but more coverage was given on TV to one of the partners and her dress.  The dress and its wearer even got a segment on Today Tonight.

Brynne Gordon

If you didn’t know already, she was not the partner of a young footballer, but of Dr Geoffrey Edelsten, who was once famous for owning the Sydney Swans in the time of Warwick Capper.  On The Spearman Experiment tonight on TV – a #20 up to #1 type program based on viewer polls – Warwick Capper was voted as the #1 cashed up Bogan in Australia.  The hostess, Magda Szubanski, defined “Bogan” for overseas viewers.  For the USA she said it meant “white trash or trailer park trash.”

Brynne Gordon 2

She’s 26, and he’s 66, and they’re getting married in November.  Good luck to them.  She’s a fitness instructor from California, by the way.  She does look fit.


  1. Quite true John,

    I didn’t get to watch any of the ‘live’ Brownlow Broadcast … but have come across this subject matter (with pics) several times during casual internet browsing! If the Anna Nicole Smith saga is anything to go by … neither will have long to ‘enjoy’ marital bliss.

    Cheers, Reno

  2. She’s only 26? She look about 46, but with lots of cosmetic surgery and an OTT boob job. It looks like Edelesten is taking a couple of pillows with him.

    Tacky dress.

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