My 2014 Lexus ES300h – Part 2

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My Lexus ES300h is now some 16 months old, and I’ve been thinking for quite some time that I ought to post an update including some photos I have taken of the car since then.  All I need say is that I’ve been very happy with the car.  The photos are in a gallery below – just click on a photo to open the lightbox and use the arrow keys in the lightbox or on your keyboard to advance the photos.



  1. VERY nice shots of your car John … and so many colourful bits under the bonnet.

    How did you manage to fit inside that silver an’ blue Lexus badge?

    Have you reached 5K kms yet? Hope you travel many more k’s in such clean stylish luxury.

    Cheers, Ralph

    1. Author

      Thanks, Ralph.

      It’s the colours under the bonnet that prompted me to take the photos, so I’m pleased you noticed.

      I’ve added a postscript tonight after checking out something I noticed last night when reviewing the gallery. This afternoon I took a photo for you that shows the car’s mileage as of today. Years away from 5,000 kms. I could never do the long trips I did to and from Adelaide and Mt Gambier in the old days – apart from anything else I’d probably fall asleep. Back then my first car did 25,000 miles up to 1964. Thanks for the good wishes.


  2. Happy 2nd Car Anniversary John, car still looks very impressive!

    Amazing how many tubes within tubes stuck down with coloured tape cars seem to have acquired over recent years. I too have queried some with my Service Centre and also told FAD … reminding me of the most frustrating thing that Wang’ers would always say to many highlighted items of concern … “Functions As Designed”. Which I always took to mean, that’s as good as it is gunna get, so live with it.

    I’m racing along with my 4 years 2 months ol’ Honda, having just crawled thru 11.5K kms … lucky if I get it outta the garage once every 7 – 10 days, which is a real worry for the battery that is in desperate need of a 24 hr trickle charge on a charger that I don’t have yet.

    Happy motoring, Hermit

    1. Author

      Thanks for the compliments about my car, Ralph. I agree. During the service Lexus details the car inside and out and paints the tyres black, and with only 2,200 kms driven it still looks it did when it came out of the showroom, and this year it didn’t rain on the way home.

      This evening Wayne, my Service Advisor, texted and rang me to ask if I was pleased with the service, and of course I was. I took the opportunity to ask him about the hose again, because it still seems a little strange to me, although I’m sure they know best, but I don’t really understand it. Wayne replied that it had interested him and he had a look at other new cars on their site today and they were all the same in this respect. He added that in some cars the wiring inside the conduit was visible. The thing is, I’ve some to realise, is that it’s a wiring conduit, not a hose. But like you wrote “that’s as good as it is gunna get, so live with it.”

      I am not going to comment on your battery as I don’t want to tempt fate.


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