Spring is here in Melbourne

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Spring has arrived in Melbourne.  The decidous trees are now beginning to sprout blossoms or new leaves.  We had two days of sunshine and mild temperatures, and then on the third day, Melbourne pulled it’s 4 seasons in one day trick on me.  I set out from home on a sunny day with clear blue skies, and I wondered if I needed to wear my winter jacket (but I did).

I drove to a Bunnings hardware store where I’ve never been before, and so I set my car navigation system to the address, and when it said “You are now at your destination” and told me to turn to the right into a side street, I did.

I could see no sign of the Bunnings store in the side street, but it was obviously an industrial area, so I parked my car and went for a walk along Centre Road to see if the Bunnings store was nearby.  It didn’t take long to realise that my car navigation had got confused because the street numbers on one side of the road were about 100 off the numbers on the other side of the road.  I kept on walking as I was sure I’d soon get to Bunnings.

During my long walk, I began to notice that the sunny day with clear blue skies had turned to very dark clouds with falling rain in the far west.  It was actually very impressive and exciting.  Eventually I came to the Bunnings store, with a huge carpark and masses of available spaces.  I then decided to walk back to my car, by now about a kilometre away, and drive to Bunnings.

I hadn’t got too far when the distant falling rain caught up with me, and there I was walking along Centre Road in stormy weather, with thunder and lightning and increasingly heavy rain.  The rain began to get so heavy that I headed to a nearby office complex (set well back from the road) and stood on the verandah at the entrance.  After a while a lovely young lady came out to talk to me, and I explained why I was sheltering in their entrance.  She offered twice to drive me to my car, but I assured her that the rain wouldn’t last long.  And it didn’t.

To be honest, I enjoyed the whole experience even though I got very wet, with my jacket soaked.


Today I got two spams on my website.  The first was an entry on the Contact Me page of my website.  It was from Argentina.  The second was on my blog page in a comment on my Chainsaw Man post, and it said:

You are mistaken, this is obvious.

I don’t know what that comment means or what it related to, but I suspect it’s a lure to get me to follow up on it.

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