An update on the bookshops

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Today I had an email from a friend who advised as follows in regard to my earlier posts last week:

The new owners of McGills (they took over about 2 years ago) just decided that they would shut the business down – they did have it up for sale for about $400,000 but no takers. The other nail in their coffin was the lease was due for renewal and the landlord wanted more money – I believe they have leased the bottom section as the site is a good site but they are still having trouble leasing the top floor.

As for Reader’s Feast – are you sure it was closed – one of our friends was in there earlier in the week and picked up some books – I have just rung them and they are still open.

Thanks for that David.  I’ve now been able to do a blockquote.  I’ll follow up on that and try to find out why Reader’s Feast looked closed on Wednesday.

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