Do Governments really care?

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This morning I read a review in The Age Green Guide about a program that SBS was airing tonight.  It was a documentary by Michael Palin, and it was about The Last Day of World War I.

The last day was 11 November 1918, and we still celebrate it as Armistice Day, and we observe a minute’s silence at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, because the Armistice (Germany’s surrender) came into effect at 11.00am.  That was indeed good news to celebrate, honour and respect.

The Green Guide review highlighted that the point of the documentary was that the surrender by Germany was signed off at about 5.00am on 11 November 1918, but because it didn’t come into effect until 11.00am (perhaps for nicety reasons) about 10,000 soldiers pointlessly lost their lives in those 6 hours after the surrender and before it came into effect, to get the 11th hour 11th day 11th month nicety.

In other words, the generals didn’t care about the loss of life of their men.

That’s appalling.  But have things changed in the last 90 years?  Sadly not much.

I saw on TV last night that the Victorian government is bringing in stricter new laws about driver distraction, such as using mobile phones, and texting, while driving.  But what on earth for?

The RACV welcomes the announcement as they think it will save lives.

So if these new rules are going to save lives, why are they not going to come into effect until November?  Is it bad luck for anyone killed in the meantime until the new rules come into effect, if they are REALY going to save lives?

The Government doesn’t seem to mind.  It’s WW1 last day all over again.

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