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B&D Alligator LopperNow I have my chainsaw …

As you can see, it’s not like other chainsaws.  It looks more like shears with its handles and jaws.  It’s the Black & Decker Alligator Lopper.  It’s electric cordless with a rechargeable, removable battery.

Today at 2.17pm

Today at 2.17pm

Today at 2.26pm

Today at 2.26pm

Today at 2.41pm

Today at 2.41pm

Update 18 October 2009:

The photo speaks for itself how quickly the chainsaw managed to cut up the first trunk.  I’m calling it a trunk as it grew out of the ground in a large shrub, which has to such trunks.  I cut up the other trunk a week or so later and it was just as easy to deal with, even though the base of the trunk was a good deal thicker than stated capability of the chainsaw.  All I did was make several cuts from different sides of the trunk so that the cuts joined up.  This was easier to do that I thought it would be, because the chainsaw makes a much wider cut than a hand saw, so it was easy to match up my cuts.

All in all I’m very impressed by this product and very pleased that I bought it.  One of the things I like is that it’s so easy to use, and it feels safe.  Obviously, as with a sharp kitchen knife, you need to be take sensible care when using it, and keep your mind on the job.  I bought the full kit of  helmet, ear muffs and eye protection (the gloves I already had) but I found in practice that I only needed the gloves and eye protection when cutting up wood that could not fall on me.

Also, the hardware store sold me chainsaw oil.  I didn’t realise there is a special oil for chainsaws.  It’s quite viscous compared with sewing machine oil.

See Part II of this post on 18 October 2009.  It includes videos of the chainsaw being used.  Very impressive.


  1. WOW John!

    That is impressive … do you think that would cut thru all my paper piles of outstanding tasks as quickly?

    User beware, during its operation, me thinks?

    Best wishes, Reno

    1. Author

      Reno, in my experience it depends on how big, and how old, your paper piles of outstanding task are. Sometimes outstanding tasks are so old that they’re no longer relevant. Maybe a paper shredder would help.

      User beware? Oh yes. The B&D chainsaw manual has pages of warnings, and the tool itself has large warning icons on it for hard hat, wrap around eye protection glasses, ear muffs, leather gloves, good footware (steel toe caps recommended, cut resistant clothing that doesn’t have floppy bits that could get entangled, don’t use it from a ladder, or in the rain, and only use it when you have someone standing by (I suppose to call an ambulance if things go wrong). Also don’t use it if you’re tired, or have had a drink, or are otherwise not fully alert. This list goes on. It almost put me off using it.

      I rang Black & Decker to check on a few things, including the warning to wear a hard hat. They said a hard hat was only needed if you’re lopping branches from a tree and the branches could fall on your head.

      I wasn’t sure what to expect before I first used it. Would it be so frghtening and dangerous to use that I would decide to not use it again, and write it off as “at least I tried.” Or would it be like using a Wustoff Chef’s Knife? Very sharp and can do a lot of damage if you misuse it – but quite safe to use if handled with care and respect, and common sense.

      I was thrilled to find that the B&D cordless Alligator chainsaw fell into the latter category.

      What might interest you is that the chainsaw needs maintenance every 10 minutes of operation. The chain needs to be retensioned, and oiled.

      Chainsaw oil ain’t like sewing machine oil. It’s more like egg white when you crack an egg and pour it into something; the last strands of egg white just hang in the air between the egg shell and the bowl or pan below.

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