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To own a Rolls Royce has been one of my dreams since I was 10 years old and first saw one at the Royal Adelaide Show on a visit to Adelaide during the September school holidays.  That meant travelling in a steam train from Mt Gambier, a small country town at the bottom of South Australia, and changing from narrow gauge to broad gauge during the trip.

I was very impressionable in those days when anything looked wonderful and classy to me.  That included steam trains, Adelaide with buildings 10 storeys tall, trams and trolley buses, and the Royal Show and the Rolls Royce and Bentley.

These days I’m more cynical.  “Handsome is a handsome does.” is something I’ve always remembered from my 20’s at work, when I mentioned to a lady that one of the young women there was beautiful looking.  The lady was much wiser than me and she didn’t see a beautiful young woman.  She saw a married woman who flirted at the office parties, and as I learned later, cheated on her husband.  (For the record, they are now long ago divorced.)

Anyway, handsome is as handsome does, and some 20 years ago I pulled into a service station to top my car up with petrol, and I found my doctor of the day at another pump, with a Rolls Royce.

During my next visit to that doctor I asked him about the Rolls.  He told me that he’d bought it for $40,000 as a used car, and it was the biggest mistake of his life as the cost of maintaining it was bleeding him dry.

The good news is that Jeremy Clarkson, in a recent Top Gear episode, rated the latest Rolls Royce Phantom as truly “The Best Car in the World.”


  1. John
    This blog format is much better – plain and clean – easy to read.
    Unfortunately I didn’t get time to test your email system. I am still tying to think up a good website name -needs to mix accounting and IT in the title.

    1. Author


      I appreciate your feedback, and I agree that the new format is much better. As you say, it’s plain and clean, and easy to read. It’s called Thesis, and it’s by Chris Pearson. He created the free Cutline theme which I used for a few days when I first started using WordPress (3 days after I first heard of it). A Google search for cutline theme wordpress will give you a good idea of the quality of Chris Pearson’s designs. He encourages and offers support to users who want to customise his designs. After using Cutline, I went through a week or two with some wild themes to indicate the wide range of themes that are available and possible, apart from the plain, clean and easy to read style I’ve settled on, and you’ve commented on.

      Thanks again.

      I wish you luck with thinking up a good website name. It ain’t easy!


  2. Yes I agree with you on the Rolls it would be Expensive to Run..But if you ever get one be let me Know And I will be Knocking on your door for a Ride.

    On the subject of Web Pages I have thought it would be nice to have a working web page with a number of products that could be sold on line without holding stock.It would need to have online payment options .

    1. Author


      If I could ever afford to buy a Rolls (and I think I’d have to win about $50m in a lottery before that would ever happen), I’d be knocking on your door to take you and your missus down to Outer Harbour to catch a cruise ship, after lunch at Chesser Cellar.

      I won’t comment on selling online without holding stock, other than to say some people seem to do quite well at it, and others don’t.

  3. You may recall that on one occasion when we were walking down near Parliament House in Adelaide you decided to stand next to a Rolls Royce parked in front..It was Ok until JH decided he want to hold the door handle…You were moved on very quickly…Fun Though.

  4. I don’t know what your eyesight is like now but in those times it wasn’t that crash hot….You will be pleased to hear that I have recently had a new lens put in my eye…I have vision now that I had 40 years ago…It’s incredible technology.

    1. Author

      I still wear glasses except in bed and the shower, and when I’m reading (I can see the print better without glasses). I gather you’ve had surgery for cataracts.

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