Guess Who? – Clues

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At the start of last week the WordPress software which powers this blog site was upgraded to v3.1 and for some reason the WYSIWYG text editor (similar to using Word) vanished. I’ve been hoping they would fix the problem quickly, but that hasn’t happened yet.  But as I started writing this post, the thought struck me that perhaps the problem is not with WordPress itself, but with the WP Super Edit plugin I use to enhance the editing power of WordPress.  So I took a moment to deactivate the plugin, and voila!  The standard WYSIWYG text editor for WordPress has been restored.  That’s good.  It saves me typing a lot of HTML code.  (WordPress will indicate when the WP Super Edit plugin has been updated to be compatible with v3.1 – and this will surely happen.)

Why do I mention the above in this post?  Because Google will pick it up and perhaps someone with the same WordPress problem might come across it and find it helpful.

Now to the first clue to who is the man in my Guess Who? post in case you didn’t recognise him.  The first clue is the feature image for this post.  It shows him disembarking from his flight.

And now for another clue.  This time it shows him a short time after disembarking from a flight to Saudi Arabia.

I’m sure by now you know who it is, even if you didn’t from the original post.


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