Felice Anno Nuovo!

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Happy New Year!

Fireworks for New Year 2011 across the World (above) and from London (below).

Welcome to the New Year.   It’s truly something to appreciate and count one’s blessings to be around to see another new year in. Sadly, two of my friends who saw 2010 in, did not even make to 30 June. It happens. So it mean it very seriously when I wish all visitors to my site the very best for the year ahead.

My desk calendar for 2011 is the latest Living Language Italian calendar, to see if I can pick up more Italian in the coming year.  I still can’t put a sentence together after a year with the 2010 calendar, but I thoroughly enjoyed my efforts.  It was a new hobby.  And it was very educational or useful for reasons I didn’t expect.  For one thing it helped with solving some crossword clues, where I could see that the answer had to be an Italian word.

If you visited this blog site in the past week, you will have seen the Christmas slideshow on my home page, similar to the one I had last year.  It’s gone now, but you can still see the slideshow (in full) on my new Galleria website.

At this stage, search engines have no access to my new website, so that no-one can come across it by accident through a search for something else.

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