The Flavor Bible

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One of the books I bought Amazon this year was The Flavor Bible (yes, American spelling of flavour).  The best way I could describe this book in my own words is that it is a very comprehensive reference of foods, herbs, spices, oils, nuts, with each entry having a list of what goes well with them.

The photo above (taken with a NEX-5 and kit lens) is the salad I made to today, to use up one of two witlofs I bought this week.  Witlof is also known as chicory, endive and Belgian endive.  The most used name in Australia is witlof, and it’s related to radicchio.  Witlof can be eaten raw, and is apparently a treat when braised correctly (says Stephanie Alexander in her epic 1,100 page book The Cook’s Companion).

In the past, when I’ve used witlof in a salad, in place of lettuce or other salad greens, I’ve done nothing special for it.  But today I decided to look up The Flavor Bible to find what goes well with er, … ENDIVE (the name for witlof used in the book).  There was a long list of items, and from it I chose capers, horseradish, olive oil and walnuts (well, I used walnut oil).  For the horseradish (difficult to find the real thing) I used Heinz Epicure Horseradish.  It comes in a small 150gm glass jar.  For the olive oil, I chose Woolworths Select Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – which is one of the best olive oils at the supermarket.  Also, I added balsamic vinegar.  The rest of the lunch was Primo BBQ ham, vine ripened tomato and red onion.

The result was a delightful lunch with superb favours that worked wonderfully together.  Once again The Flavor Bible got it right.

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