West Coast Swing

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Late last night I tried to move the WordPress directory that powers this page from the subdomain of blog.jthonline.com to www.jthonline.com the same as the rest of my web site.  I’ve been wanting to make this change ever since I installed WordPress but I didn’t know how to do it.  WordPress is not just the web page you can see, but a whole system of over 15 Mb on my server with maybe 60-100 folders and sub folders and sub-sub folders etc and hundreds of files.  The index page you are reading is not an HTML page.  It’s a PHP page and that means it has PHP  programs as well as HTML and CSS.  This page is also linked to a MySQL database.  So there is lots going on.  By the way the PHP programs are server-side, which means they run on my server and are not downloaded to your computer (client-side).

As I mentioned, late last night, cheered on by a few glasses of red wine, I got up the courage to move the WordPress folder.  Disaster.  My blog page went offline and worse still, I could no longer access the admin page.

After a good night’s sleep I tackled the task again this morning.  Phew!  I was able to  reverse last night’s damage, and with some help from the WordPress Codex site, I made the move successfully, so here we are.  WordPress is now where I want it to on my hosting server.

Last Sunday night Lincoln Lewis (from Home and Away) and his professional dance partner Luda were assigned to do the West Coast Swing.

Things did not go well in the judging.  The judges said that Luda had not done the West Coast Swing.  She argued back and said she had done what WC Swing experts had told her what to do (choreograph and  teach Lincoln).  This was the start of an argument.  It got featured in Today Tonight, which had other local experts comment.  The argument is the feature of Ch 7 promos for the episode nest Sunday.

You can see the dance highlights from last Sunday at the following address:


Lincoln and Luda are the 4th couple.  The blind guy is next.

You can see the judging and argument at this address:


I mention all this because I’ve sought the comments of a leading exponent of West Coast Swing in the West Coast of the USA – Sonny Watson.

Sonny Watson was instrumental in helping the “United States Swing Dance Council” (U.S.S.D.C.) pass a bill to make West Coast Swing the Official State Dance Of California. Sonny is a certified, trained judge. When he isn’t competing, he serves as a judge at many of the national events, including A.S.D.C. (New York), Atlanta Grand Nationals, Phoenix, Boston Tea Party, Virginia State Open, California SwingThing, Monterey Swing Fest, Jack and Jill O’Rama, Swing Diego, Dallas D.A.N.C.E., Dallas Classic, New Years Dance Championships (Dallas), Swing Worlds, US Open Swing Dance Championships and more. Sonny is also Chairman of the Board of the Dance History Department for the World Swing Dance Council.

If he replies, I’ll publish it for you to read.

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