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I‘ve made more changes including the title of this blog.  I had a friend at Elders IXL – Foster’s (Andrew W) who always called me the Silver Fox, so that’s where that came from.  Apart the new name for my title, and the new subtitle, the most obvious change is the design of the new header.  It’s not permanent, and it’s just part of my process (in the current jargon of an AFL footy team selecting a new coach) to learn how to do things in WordPress and the Thesis theme.

Furthermore, I expect that the new title and subtitle will only be temporary until I decide on something that I happy to settle.

Your opinion please?

I’ll welcome your comment on whether you prefer JT’s Blog, or the new title and subtitle, or have some ideas of your own.

I’d also welcome comment on what you’d be interested for me to write about.

Photo details

My photo in the header is a self portrait I took with a Canon G2 in the days when 4 megapixels was state of the art for consumer digital cameras.  The G2 was great for shooting self portraits because of the rear LCD screen which could be swung out and rotated so that I could see myself in the screen.

The photo has been processed in Photoshop to remove the background, and the header was created in Xara Extreme Pro 5.


Getting the header onto this page is a whole other story which involved a lot of Google searches to find suitable CSS code for Thesis, and then copying it into the appropriate file in the Thesis framework.  It took a great deal of trial and error and failures, and more Google searches for CSS code that works.

But in the end I got there, thanks to

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