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Today I’ve begun developing a new blog site theme layout using the recently released RichWP Framework for creating customized themes in WordPress. I’ve only been working on the for two hours, so there is lots to do and lots to learn. The big difference with this theme is that is a classic blog design with a each posts going down the page in chronological order. My previous theme had a magazine style layout – it can be seen on the home page of my main web site (which can be found here).

The advantage of this type of theme layout for me is that it’s easier to publish new posts, as the post don’t need two photos (as required by the previous theme to maintain its magazine format. In fact it doesn’t need any photos.

Above is the featured photo of 8 August 2010 from The Guardian Eyewitness app for the iPad.

Eyewitness: Almaden bush races

The traditional Australian bush race meeting is almost a thing of the past, but Almaden, a north Queensland town with a population of just 30, has bucked the trend. Amateur jockeys race on stock horses in sprint races, with bettors ‘buying’ the horse for the race at auction.

By the way, my new Lexus is going well, and I’m very pleased with the decision to make the changeover.


  1. Hi John,

    Great to hear from you again. I have found the new blog site has slower response times … could that be right or just my slow ol’ PC?

    That is a strange looking woman tho’. Looks like she’s not too pleased about having her pic taken and is considering leaping over the fence and bronco-busting the photographer ’til he drops into the dust. Or maybe she’s very happy and that’s the best smile she can muster?

    BUT I did REALLY enjoy the ZEN TEACHINGS. Are they part of the new site development or I have I missed noticing them in past configurations?

    And now that I am using Google Chrome a bit more often … I finally get a spell-checker when typing into your blog (and other website Forms!).

    I finally got around to getting a Will drafted today so, hopefully, I get it finished in time before any bus or tram that might have my number on its bumper catches up with me!?

    Great news about your continuing Lexus experiences. Work pressures continue to thwart my new car hunt and I have not pursued the Lexus at this stage.

    Cheers, Ralph

    1. Author

      Hi Ralph,

      It’s also great to hear from you again. Thanks for the feedback on the new blog theme, especially your comment that you found the response times slower. I think there’s a logical reason for that. If you look at my main home page at you’ll see that I’ve added a screen grab of the top section of my blog site as it was yesterday afternoon using the previous theme. You’ll that the magazine style theme gave you a preview of 18 posts – the latest, plus the previous 17 posts with decreasing levels of “teaser” information. That’s not a very deep page – it’s only about two full screens. However, the new theme is classical blog style, where you can see the posts in full on the home page, and you only need go to the post page if you want to make or read the comments. This new theme was published for the first time last night, and it had 10 posts in full, including lots of images. It went deep down in a scroll of the blog home page. I expect that is why the new theme took longer to load in your browser. I’ve dealt with this by cutting the number of posts per page from 10 down to 6, to see how it goes. Also, after I’ve read the instructions, I’ll enable caching.

      The ZEN TEACHINGS have been there for a week or two. But if you check out the screen grab of of the top section of the home page of my previous blog theme, you’ll see that the right sidebar extends well below the bottom of the main content boxes on the page. The ZEN TEACHINGS were even further down in the sidebar, so that’s why you didn’t see them. Too far down to come across. But with the new theme, this section comes in before the end of the latest post.

      I still have heaps of tech stuff to learn and sort out with the new theme before I’ll get it to the way I’d like; and maybe I’ll never get, and will go back to the magazine theme (or even something altogether different). But I don’t want to go down on record with myself as giving up after only 24 hours.

      I enjoyed your comments about the woman in the photo, and your interpretation of what she might be thinking. She’s certainly centre stage, and I’m sure the photographer knew it. I like the photo and it amused me; it’s so way out from the normal photos one sees. Lots more great photos to come from The Guardian Eyewitness.

      I’m pleased to read that you’ve finally got a Will drafted. It’s good to get onto that. But be sure to check the draft very carefully. Lawyers can make some really dumb mistakes. The first draft Will that I made, three years ago, had so many major errors that I despaired and got a different lawyer to draft my Will.

      As for my Lexus, I’ve now had it for over 6 weeks, but it’s not yet up to 200 kms, so I hesitate to make any claims about how it drives and handles. However, first impressions are important, and my first impressions of the 2010 Lexus IS250 are that it’s noticeably better than my 2006 model when it comes to driving and handling. I’d rate it as the best car I’ve ever driven – ranking with a BMW 3 series I test drove in 2001.

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