My 2006 Lexus IS250 Sports Luxury

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Here’s a photo taken on 3rd August 2006 at my Lexus dealer’s showroom when I took delivery of my IS250 Sports Luxury with more amazing features than I could poke a stick at (as the saying goes).  And as it turned out, than I could use.  However in 2006, it was the only IS250 model that had the features I really wanted.  (That’s not the case in 2010.)

I was thrilled with the car, but also very nervous about driving it. Here’s a photo of the interior – which is the same as the car I took for a test drive. I’ve really liked the interior colours in the 4 years since I took delivery of the car.

I hope you can see why I liked it so much.

I’ll finish off with a photo of the driver’s door.

I’ve never been good at reverse parking, and sadly, over the past 4 years, the alloy wheels on the passenger side (the side next to the kerb) have suffered some scrapes which happened while I was trying to get used to the rear camera parking guides.  The dashboard has had an infrequent rattle over the past two years which I didn’t report until my last service, 10 days ago.  It will take two days to fix, as the dashboard has to be removed to fit new clips.

The 4 year warranty will expire next month, as will the Lexus Encore Privileges.

Time to upgrade?

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