A big day for this page

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When I got up this morning I was thrilled to find a carton from Amazon on my front porch, with the two WordPress books that I’d ordered on 31 July.

This page is powered by WordPress and it’s so easy to use that anyone can use it as I have done, without any books or formal training.  This being the case, you may well wonder why I ordered these books.  The answer is, that being a retired and single person without a family, I need things in my life that I want to get involved in.  Currently this page  is it.  So I wanted to delve deeply into everything about WordPress, which powers this page.

The Thesis theme

Today I’ve added a new theme to this page, called Thesis, and it’s going to be my normal theme from now on.  But now and again I might throw in another theme just to remind you how flexible WordPress is.

Apart from a new layout, you might notice some new features.  One of them which you might like is that you can write and publish a comment to any of my posts, and then you have 30 minutes to edit your comments and details of your name  and email.  You can in that time, edit your comment to add a request for me to delete your comment and not post it.

Today I signed up with wordpress.com and created an account.  I can now create and publish a blog page on that site.  But my reason for joining was to get a code to enable me to activate some plugins on this page, such as the one above.

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